The Custom Sock Company-Yinuo Custom Socks

YINUO KNITTING is more than just a sock company and manufacturer. We're a team of creative individuals who empower you to create the perfect custom socks for your group on our easy-to-use website. We have everything you need to take your passion to the next level. From a pair of socks to thousands, students to small businesses, fundraisers, and beyond...We're here to help!

Founded in 2004, We control the whole process of purchasing high-quality yarn, production arrangement, quality control, and delivery. Because we are a custom socks factory, we can control every process and make sure every pair of socks is what you expect. We always put our customers first!

YINUO KNITTING can customize socks quickly and easily, making it easy to customize socks.

From custom athletic socks to custom dress socks, YINUO KNITTING does it all, and with the fastest turnaround time, lowest order quantity, and hands-on customer service. Ready to go? Order online, receive your proof, sign off, and your order is on its way! Need more help in designing your socks? Our team is here to help you throughout the entire order process.

Custom Socks for Any Occasion

Baseball Socks

Take the field with confidence in custom baseball socks or stirrups! Add your team name, logo, and colors to stand out on the diamond. Our socks are built for durability, performance, and comfort.

Softball Socks

Whether you need custom softball socks or softball stirrups, you deserve to take the field as the pros. With Custom Sock Shop, you can add your team's name, logos, and colors to elite athletic socks.

Marketing Socks

Socks are a unique and fun way to spread awareness for your brand, team, event, or conference. Design custom marketing socks that include your name, colors, and logo.

Knee Socks

That is a bold fashion statement, It can definitely help to protect your legs from injuries. The personalized patterns and colors can be designed on custom knee-high socks. It is suitable for people of all ages and various shoes.

Dress Socks

Custom dress socks are suitable for all occasions, such as leisure places, commercial concourse, and wedding celebrations ceremonies, It can be casual, stylish, solemn, and serious, suitable for all people.

Elite Socks

Custom athletic socks are suitable for all kinds of ball games (such as basketball, football, rugby, badminton, baseball, etc.), you can customize elite socks based on sport types & crowd.

Printed Socks

Personalized photo socks can extremely show your personality and personalized patterns via their own perfect printing advantages.

Hidden/Invisible Socks

Custom design No-show socks are always the top choice for ballet flats, high heels, canvas, and low cut shoes, which will give you the most comfortable styles.

Baby Socks

Personalized toddler socks are environmental and comfortable, it will better protect the feet of infants, babies, and kids, etc.

Awareness Socks

Custom awareness socks are perfect for any type of fundraising or charity campaign. Make a statement with your cause and your fashion by choosing your own logos, colors, words, and styles!